WordPress Automation for Web Host

WordPress Staging, Snapshot Backup, Security & Performance. All-in-One.

WordPress Automation

built for Web Hosts

Enhance the value proposition to your web hosting customers, by offering WordPress Automation tools such as Staging, Malware & Threat Detection as your web hosting plan features, through our WPAuto for cPanel!

Live & Staging

Easily clone your live WordPress to staging, and vice versa, within clicks!

Threat Detection

Automatically detects threats such malware injection on WordPress hosted within the server and remove in a click!

High Speed

Fast cloning process with minimal footprint on the server

WordPress Scanner

Easily detect hosting accounts installed with WordPress, and identify if they are up-to-date to keep your servers safe & secure!

Who is WPAuto for?

Web Host

Web Designers

Site Owners

Value add your Managed Hosting service by including a powerful WordPress Staging, Malware & Threat Detection tool into your hosting packages. Differentiate yourselves from the commoditised shared hosting services!

Save time and avoid mistakes working with WordPress Live and Staging websites! Easily clone WordPress websites for your customers so you can manage your WordPress design projects more efficiently!

Minimise your WordPress website outage due to security threats, such as malware! Easily clean malware upon detection so your website can maintain its Google ranking, by being clean and malware-free!

WPAuto’s footprint is so small that it does not take up any noticeable server resources. WPAuto for cPanel® does require your server to be installed with cPanel & WHM®
Yes, with WPAuto, we aim at helping web hosting companies compete fairly with the big boys, who often have their own proprietary software that handles WordPress staging/development environment, updates etc.
If your website is currently hosted within its virtual machine or dedicated server, you may install WPAuto for cPanel® as long as your server has cPanel & WHM® installed.If your website is currently hosted within a shared hosting environment, kindly share the good news about WPAuto for cPanel® with your hosting provider!

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