How to reset WordPress admin password

If you own several websites and you use a unique WordPress admin password for each of these websites, you are doing a good job to secure your website. However, you could also struggle with recalling the right password you have used. If you ever need to reset WordPress admin password, there are a couple of ways to do it.

Use the Lost Password link

  1. Go to your WordPress Login page
  2. Click on the “Lost your password?” link
  3. Enter your username or the email address on file for that account
  4. Wait for the email to reset your WordPress admin password

Through phpMyAdmin

  1. Login to phpMyAdmin
  2. Click on Databases, then select your WordPress database
  3. Look for wp_users in the Table column
  4. Click on the icon for browse
  5. Locate your username under user_login
  6. Click on the icon edit
  7. Your user_id will be shown. Click Edit.
  8. Next to the user_pass is a long list of numbers and letters. Delete these random numbers and letters, then type in your new password (note: it is case sensitive)
  9. Once you have entered your new password, click on the dropdown menu to the left of this password field, select MD5.
  10. Click on Go button on the bottom right of phpMyAdmin
  11. You can now proceed to login with your new password

Through WPAuto

  1. Login to cPanel, click on WPAuto
  2. Look for your WordPress website on the list, click on Manage then Maintenance tab and click on Set Password

3. Enter your new password and you can now proceed to login with your new password.

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