How web hosting providers win more customers with WPAuto

The web hosting industry is highly competitive. Even since 20 years ago when the Internet was booming during the dot-com era, web hosting industry was competitive. As of April 2020, GoDaddy is crowned by Hostadvice as the largest web hosting company based on total number of customers. Clearly, their offerings would serve as an expectation from customers who are looking for web hosting services.

While other web hosting companies may choose to win customers over via price war strategy with GoDaddy, one has to consider how far the competition could go, with this giant of USD$12.4 billion market capitalization. Naturally, providing better customer service becomes a good differentiation strategy for these web hosting companies to secure customers though there is a limit to how much better customer service can be provided, since salary expense is usually a large cost to these hosting companies.

To help web hosting companies enhance their value proposition without incurring extra expenses that are directly proportionate to the number of customers these web hosting companies serve, WPAuto offers just the solution. WPAuto helps web hosting providers win more customers.

WPAuto has been built to bring automation to managing WordPress websites. Why WordPress? WordPress commands 35% market share of all websites, or 62% of the content management system market share, based on Kinsta’s data. The importance of hosting WordPress can also be seen with Managed WordPress Hosting packages that are offered by every web hosting provider.

WPAuto enhances Managed WordPress offerings

WPAuto enables web hosting companies to succeed as Managed WordPress hosting provider, through:

  1. WordPress Installation At-A-Glance
    • The key to successful WordPress hosting is reliability and security. WordPress Installation At-A-Glance allows both the system administrators and website owners to know all the WordPress installation within hosting account, and quickly reveal their current version to identify if upgrades are needed.
  2. WordPress Staging
    • Create staging environment easily from the production website
    • Once staging is complete, easily convert it to production website
  3. WordPress Snapshot Backup
    • Quickly create snapshot backup of WordPress installation before major changes are introduced, to minimise human error!
    • Roll back the changes by restoring from the snapshot backup to save development time!
  4. Build WordPress website within clicks
    • WPAuto comes with WordPress installer to help you build new WordPress websites easily!
  5. Immunize WordPress to minimise hack attempts
    • WPAuto allows you to lock down WordPress files from being edited so you can minimise hack attempts on the websites
  6. WordPress Malware Scanning, Detection & Removal
    • If all prevention procedures fail to block hack attempts, WPAuto helps you detect if your WordPress has malware and allows you to remove the malware easily
  7. More WordPress Security & Performance features soon!
    • WPAuto is actively being developed, and we are still listening to your feedback and suggestions! Help us make the best WordPress Automation product so we can stay true to helping web hosting providers win more customers!

Let WPAuto help your web hosting business today!

Find out more about WPAuto for cPanel®. We welcome you to reach out to us with feedback and suggestions too!

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