Why WordPress Staging Environment is important

WordPress Staging Environment is a replica of your live website that is not visible to the public. It allows you to experiment major changes to your website, verify everything functions properly before you present it to the public.

The staging environment is very important because:

  • It allows you to test any major new features or changes without causing downtime to your website
  • It prevents search engines from indexing these new changes until you are ready to make them go live
  • It allows you to test your new website loading speed, improve it to avoid losing visitors
  • It allows you to run tests to identify broken links after major changes, before the website is live to public
  • It aligns with your marketing strategy because your new website can be built privately and launched instantly in line with your marketing plan

How can WordPress Staging Environment be setup

Staging environment can be done in a number of ways :- manually (which is time consuming); within Managed WordPress hosting companies (which means you need to move away from the web hosting provider you like); using the right WordPress plugins (which means additional cost you need to spend for premium features).

Deploy changes to live website

Setting up the staging environment is only the first step. Once all hard work is done, you need to deploy these changes to your live website. These can range from very time consuming if you opted the manual staging environment, to relatively effortless if you use the right Managed WordPress hosting company or WordPress plugin.

Free & Easy WordPress Staging with WPAuto

WPAuto allows website owners to create WordPress Staging Environment for free, easily within a few clicks without leaving your favourite web hosting providers. If your web hosting provider currently does not offer WPAuto bundled with your hosting service, please encourage them to contact us!

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