WPAuto for cPanel®

Enhance cPanel® web hosting features with
WordPress Staging, Snapshot Backup, Security & Performance Optimisation.


Key Features

WPAuto scans for all WordPress installed within the cPanel hosting account, lists them alongside with the respective WordPress installed versions and checks if WordPress or the plugins require upgrades for you!

Easily create WordPress staging environment for every WordPress installation within the cPanel hosting account! Whenever you are done with your staging version, just let WPAuto easily convert it into live version for you!

Create snapshots of your WordPress installation or staging environment before major changes are made. Restore the snapshots at ease to save your WordPress development time!

WPAuto comes with WordPress auto-installer to help you build new WordPress websites effortlessly. Use WPAuto’s wordpress uninstaller to remove websites and free up your hosting account space easily too!

WPAuto helps you immunize your WordPress installation by restricting its files from being edited. Simply turn on this feature within cPanel when you are done developing your WordPress so your website stays secured!

WPAuto helps you scan for malware on your WordPress website and alerts you upon detection. Remove malware within clicks if need to!

More Features


Create WordPress Staging or Snapshot

Creating WordPress staging site or snapshot backup can never be easier! Save time developing WordPress with WPAuto!


Manage WordPress Snapshot Backup

Once WordPress snapshot backups are created, you can either Restore them or Download them to your computer. Leave unique comments for each snapshot backup so you can roll back your changes conveniently!


Enhance WordPress Performance

Fine tune WordPress performance with WPAuto to increase the WordPress site loading speed while at the same time minimise its footprint on the server. Let’s have a win-win between Site Owners and System Administrators!


Protect WordPress Site

Hardening WordPress sites is made easier with WPAuto. With the WPAuto Intelligence Grid (optional opt-in), WordPress sites can be better secured and protected from undesired attacks!


Automate WordPress & Plugin Updates

98% of hacked WordPress website is a result of outdated WordPress, plugins or themes. WPAuto addresses to System Administrators’ worry over WordPress site owners who forget to patch their WordPress & plugin frequently. 

and more exciting features coming soon!

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Instant Activation! 30-day Money Back Guarantee!

WPAuto’s footprint is so small that it does not take up any noticeable server resources. WPAuto for cPanel® does require your server to be installed with cPanel & WHM®
Yes, with WPAuto, we aim at helping web hosting companies compete fairly with the big boys, who often have their own proprietary software that handles WordPress staging/development environment, updates etc.
If your website is currently hosted within its virtual machine or dedicated server, you may install WPAuto for cPanel® as long as your server has cPanel & WHM® installed.If your website is currently hosted within a shared hosting environment, kindly share the good news about WPAuto for cPanel® with your hosting provider!

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